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I love cured meats, especially those of the oink-oink variety. I have a strong desire to make everything in life beautiful and am inspired by those who feel the same. I’ve been known to art direct everything from my outfit in the morning to my charcuterie plate at lunch and love that my job doesn't feel like work. Also, I have an identical twin so if I don’t say hi to you on the street it’s probably her. Probably.


University of Colorado School of Journalism
B.S. in Journalism and Mass Communication
Major in Creative Advertising with an emphasis in French. oui. oui.

Design Director
Karsh Hagan
November 2016 - Present
Running the design department. And stuff.

Art Director
Karsh Hagan
May 2008 - November 2016
I started at Karsh Hagan as an intern straight out of school. Knowing that I didn't know much, I threw myself into my internship. Full-time. Five days a week. And learned more in my first two months than in two years of advertising in school. I stayed at Karsh, continuously learning, until I was hired—first as a freelancer and then full time.

My roles included managing a number of different projects and brands at one time. I was in charge of both my own work and overseeing the work of art directors on my team. I've worked on everything from print ads and websites to furniture design and brand architecture. The brands I’ve worked on include American Crew, Visit Denver, Brown Palace, Univeristy of Colorado Denver, Pinnacle Bank, Platform T, Portico, MOP, Roux, and d:fi.

Sales Associate
June 2007 - August 2012

Before you manage to land your first agency job, you don’t make a lot of money. So I kept a part-time gig at the fashion/lifestyle store Anthropologie. It’s hard not to find inspiration there. By the time I got hired full-time as an art director I was so in love with the Anthropologie brand that I stayed on for three more years, working on the weekends. If anything, it taught me to juggle a lot, often working seven days a week with both jobs. I finally let it go in 2012 when I couldn't fit anything else in my closet.


Photo Art Direction
Final Cut and Premiere - amateur status
Image Searching – I’m really good at finding stuff. Must be the detective in me.