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American Crew - Superglue

In 2011, American Crew released Superglue, a brand new gel with extreme hold and extreme shine. So when we were asked to launch the product, we knew we needed to target the kind of men who are always looking for the next big thing. And after studying trend forecasts, we knew that the next big thing was a Rockabilly revival. 

In order to capture the masculine attitude that's at the heart of the rockabilly lifestyle, we referenced vintage working class photography from the 40's and 50's and industrial designs. Which is why we chose an industrial lot in Los Angeles as the location for our photo shoot. And it's why we captured the looks with a Polaroid camera. And it's why we constructed all of our marketing materials with industrial supplies. Uncoated paper. Metal screws. Canvas bags. 

When the campaign came together, it was quite a success for American Crew. Superglue marked the first occasion when demand for American Crew sales materials exceeded supply. And as 2012 men’s runway reports rolled out, so did the Rockabilly revival.

+  Featured in the 2012 Print Regional Design Award Annual  +

Crew_Superglue_Karsh_prospectingkit copy.jpg

Accolades: 2012 Print Regional Design Annual, Design Work Life, ADCD Annual Show, Denver 50